luni, 15 august 2011

Polymer Clay Beads & Seed Beads Collection

Not every Starsaphhire bead is created identical to the next. Tiny holes, fine lines and discrepancies are common.The designs are organic and these imperfections are unique. The beads are handmade and these differences are natural. Individually handcrafted pieces . No seconds. No copies.
Each Starsapphire bead is moulded by hand (the beads require hours to design and form) , then baked and polished. In some designs, Starsapphire designer jewelry is accompanied with other elements such as glass, metal , crystal , pearls, gemstones or porcelain beads to add texture and variety to the entire look. Starsapphire beads are made from polymer clay. Unlike normal ceramic or clay beads, Starsapphire is light, almost weightless. Starsapphire clay may be flexible , but try not to test its limits. It is not indestructible!
Starsapphire beads has no problem with the sun, sea or sand, but keep it away from intense heat. 

If you want a piece of jewelry that is colorful, less costly and unique then definitely try something made out of polymer clay. Starsapphire polymer clay beads jewelry does not claim to be perfect!Because the beauty is... in imperfection!